Visual Storyteller, Documentary Filmmaker, Cinematographer.

Over the last 5 years I had the honor to work in the most amazing job ever. The one that combines every true passion I have. 

Curiosity has been the lead.

My path started in Literature exploring the narratives of different ages. That lead me to work as Creative Producer for Sony Pictures Entertainment where I discover the world of image through editing, illustration, animation and shooting for several projects ... until I found my true passion in the art of Cinematography.

Since then I've work for big brands as HBO, Sony, Mo Films, Fallon UK among others but even more for those proyects that start from scratch, looking to show something original, dare and untold.

Why I love this? I feel the luckiest guy getting to world to show itself in its endless faces, places and stories, real or fictional, since imagination (as the planet itself) is a place to be explored, portrayed, and experienced. 

Engaging. Celebrating the ordinary or contemplating the uncommon and exotic, turning the familiar into intimate and viceversa. An encounter of reality and imagination... a poetry of life in movement and light.

An everyday joy to be shared.

Hope you like my work as much a I do making it.
What is to give light, must keep burning!


Emiliano León

Cinematographer / Director.